Monday, May 26, 2008

Watch TV On Your Computer

Watch TV on Your Computer

If you are looking for even more entertainment options for your computer, you can now add television to this mix. Television shows can now be seen either live or prerecorded with special internet services directly on your computer screen. This is great for people that either don't have room for a TV or are on the road often. If you are interested in watching television on your computer, here is how to do it.

There are two ways to watch TV on your computer, one is with the use of a television card, the other is by downloading it off the internet. If you prefer to watch cable TV on your computer, you can purchase a computer TV card and easily attach it to your computer. You can watch your cable programs directly on your computer screen. Many cards allow you to record the television shows similar to like a Tivo product.

If you would like to download television shows, there are a few companies that offer you legal downloads of television programs. Many downloads are free, while a few services require a subscription fee. Some services are inexpensive; under $40 for the year, other subscription services can be much more or depend on what programs are downloaded. If you download TV programs a high speed modem is necessary. Video files are much larger than music files many people are familiar with.

So if you would like to watch TV on your computer, check out some these services that send you TV on demand.

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1000 TV Channels on Your Computer??

I saw the ad. Oh boy, I thought. First of all, I'm cheap. Secondly I don't watch much TV. My rabbit ears get the major networks including Fox, plus two public TV stations. But it would would be nice to once in a while get the Discovery and the Disney channel and the like.

One time software purchase and no other fees. Well fortunately I did some checking around the internet. Sorry, no it is not the same as Cable TV. What you get is a directory of webcasts links from around the world with a bookmark system so you can find your favorite channels again.

Don't send money. Instead go to World Wide Internet TV . It is free (same type of channels as in the paid listings). As of today they have 1704 online TV stations listed. There are college broadcasts, local, government, religious stations, news, regional sports, music, cultural stations, and even watch NASA live. While the vast majority of the channels will be of the popular variety, you may find special interest broadcasts not otherwise available.

While some channels broadcast live, there are many that are "on demand". You can not only watch the news when you want, but can select which news items you want to see. Discovery has on demand webcasts that you can search through. Comedy Central Station is worth a look. Check out AFTV (USA) for 11 channels of old movies in various genres (but like TV you get whatever happens to be on).

No it is not the same as Satellite TV. But if you want news from New Orleans - you got it. If you have relatives in New Zealand or are planning to visit there, you can find out what's happening. Want to brush up on your Russian. Japanese, Vietnamese or whatever? There are stations from around the world.

Oh and yes, it is free.

Hilma Volk writes the "Free Stuff and other Cool Stuff" Blog, searching the internet for deals.

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Saturday, May 17, 2008

"Watch Free Satellite TV on Your PC"

I heard my wife laughing really loud as if she had heard the greatest joke ever. So I had to go see what was so funny. She was sitting at her computer (as usual) and I asked her what she was laughing at. She said that she had just downloaded a satellite tv program for pc's and was watching a locally produced sitcom from England that was hilarious. Curious, I asked what else was on and she told me that I could watch sports, movies, news in real time, locally produced programs and much more from all over the world 24/7. She informed me that there were thousands of television channels available.

"Wow, I said, where can I get this software?" She told me where to get it and that I could download free pc satellite tv software for MY computer.

I asked myself why I was paying a cable tv company almost $90 a month for just 120 channels when I could get all of these channels on my computer; plus, I didn't need any other equipment, just my computer and an internet connection. I can download this software for a one time fee and not have to pay anymore, ever. The best part is it costs me less than one month of cable. PC satellite TV, what are they going to think up next?

I got to thinking about how the whole family could watch without having to crowd around my pc. After doing a little research, I found out that I could hook my computer up to one of our televisions if my computer had an S-video output on the graphic card. Mine didn't have one so I went to the computer store and picked one up (it cost less than $50). Your computer may have an S-video output. Now, everyone can watch at the same time, it's so great. Just by going to a website to the whole family can be involved in this worldwide television experience.

Some friends were over one evening to see what all the hoopla was about and Steve asked me if your computer had to be anything special in order to watch satellite tv. I told him that really all that was required was what he already had. Just a computer with a fairly decent speed, it should have at least a Pentium II running at 333 Mhz or above, Windows 95 or later, a sound card, and 256 Megs of memory or more. It doesn't have to be 'top of the line'. Also, a broadband connection would be better than dial-up, but not required; if you can watch videos on, then you are all set. What could be better than PC satellite tv?

I was also asked if this was something that was legal to do, he didn't want the tv cops knocking on his door. I told him that it was perfectly legal to download free pc satellite tv. Anywhere in the world that an internet connection is available you can watch satellite tv on pc's either a desktop or on your laptop. What are you waiting for? Watch free satellite tv from PC, within a few minutes from now.

If you want to find out the secrets of pc satellite tv and how to get yours now click on the link.

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Watch Satellite TV On PC With One-Click Installation!

Watching satellite TV on PC with one-touch technology is what some Americans are quietly doing in the comfort of their study rooms. With the emergence of brand new internet software that allows you to watch satellite TV on PC, more people are convinced that this breakthrough technology would change the satellite TV landscape. Read why people are calling it quits with their satellite services to watch satellite TV on PC.

Advantages to Watch Satellite TV on PC

1. Cheap Setup and No Monthly Subscription

Setting up your PC to watch satellite TV only requires an internet connection and proprietary software developed to capture satellite TV channels. In case you are thinking that the software costs a bomb, then you would be surprised to know that it is available to average families at no more than the price of 2 CD albums. If you always find it expensive to be paying monthly subscriptions to service providers, this software would be a great money-saver to you and your family.

2. Excellent Transmission and Viewing Quality

Since it runs on your internet connection, it is not affected by poor transmission problems which your old satellite dish system experiences. You will no longer miss a single episode of your favorite TV show due to sudden disruptions arising from storms. Folks who watch satellite TV on PC can avoid these problems.

3. Minimum PC Requirements

A computer with minimum 512MB RAM is sufficient. If your computer is an antique, then it is time to upgrade it. Newer computers are easily equipped with higher RAM capacity. I would encourage you to use broadband connection to ensure the smooth transmission of TV feeds. There are viewers who have bought theater systems with subwoofers, speakers and so on to boost the audio effects when watching satellite TV on their PC. This is optional but if you are looking for special surround sound effect, then, you can consider that.

4. Wide Selection of TV Channels

The huge selection of satellite TV stations to choose from is another plus point to watch satellite TV on PC. In the past, people who want to watch special programs or movies have to pay per viewing. You now no longer have to put up with these limitations and can access to hundreds of interesting programs suitable for everyone in the family. Some stations would even screen the latest movies and music MTVs so be sure to explore around.

Read more about how to get hold of this breakthrough software to watch satellite TV on PC at my blog.

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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Watch Satellite TV on PC or Cable TV?

Now, more people are starting to watch satellite TV on PC. What exactly is its beauty? How does it fare against watching cable TV? These are burning questions which this article hopes to shed some light on.

The old debate between to watch satellite TV or watch cable TV has been on going for several years now. Those were the days when we still cannot watch satellite TV on PC. This close rivalry has nothing but good for us as consumers. Satellite TV and cable TV companies would try to outdo one another in terms of pricing, offering deeper discounts, giving more freebies, bundled deals with hand phones, cheaper installation and equipment, and so on. When you cannot decide whether to watch satellite TV or cable TV, you can always make a couple of calls to these service providers and find out more. In fact, there are folks who managed to get even better deals that are not advertised when they share their dilemma.

Survey of satellite TV users seem to show that folks like to watch satellite TV because of the greater selection of programs and generally, the quality of the programs broadcasted are better. However, the Achilles? heel of watching satellite TV is always its relatively harder installation process involving setting up the satellite dish, receiver and so on so forth. Though this is easily overcome by service providers packaging its subscription with free installation service, the satellite dish may cost the user quite a fair bit of cash. Even when they are offered free, because of its vulnerability to the elements of the world such as rain and storm, reception can be poor occasionally. Cable TV on the other hand wins in the game of pricing and ease of installation in most instances.

Today, things are looking brighter for people who have long been watching satellite TV, with the entry of proprietary software that enables anyone to watch satellite TV on PC. The beauty of being able to watch satellite TV on PC is its simple set up and minimum requirements. The software works on most personal computers whether it is a desktop or laptop, and connects to thousands worldwide satellite TV stations via an internet connection. This means tons of international TV channels and hours of movies, entertainment, documentaries, and news.

If you have a wireless router at home, you can carry your laptop around your home and still be plugged in to watch satellite TV on PC. Apparently, users have feedback that the transmission is reliable and not easily disrupted. Find out how you can also tap into this new technology at my blog and watch satellite TV on PC today.

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Davion is a successful webmaster, author and fan of TV shows. Discover how you can instantly watch satellite TV on PC, tuning into hundreds of LIVE world channels of news, movies, music and kids program at

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Watch Satellite TV on PC - New Satellite TV Babe

Watch satellite TV on PC is the new craze of late. Watching satellite TV channels or cable TV channels has always been a tough decision to make. After all, both have their own merits. Both also enjoy great support from TV viewers with entourages of fans at both camps. If you are caught in a dilemma, perhaps to watch satellite TV on PC opens a third option for you. Let us examine the various options to determine which is most suitable for you.

Satellite TV requires satellite dish installation, but cable TV does not. Though satellite dish are external fixtures on roofs and are hardly obtrusive, there are still folks who dislike them. Poor aesthetics and the troublesome installation are a few reasons quoted. Tenants also find it difficult to convince their landlords to permit satellite dishes on their rental homes. Some even have to fork out extra rental fees for the added fixture. In built-up areas such as urban or suburban estates, cable TV would be the choice. However, rural areas where cable infrastructure is not in place; satellite TV remains the best alternative. PC satellite TV allows you to watch satellite TV on PC wherever there is internet access. So far, it is the only mobile satellite TV system. With so many Wi-Fi hotspots spread across the country, to watch satellite TV on PC is easy and convenient.

When you watch satellite TV, you probably have to contend with storms, typhoons, strong winds, poor terrain and the like which could block off the satellite TV signals and distort your TV images. But not everyone is affected as it really depends on which part of the country you are residing. Cable tends to be more reliable in this aspect. So is using PC satellite TV software to watch satellite TV on PC.

With cable TV, you get to watch local channels since your cable TV service provider may have tied up with the local TV stations. TV viewers often argue that the trouble with using satellite is that they cannot get to watch the local programs without paying extra dollars for the subscription. Some local TV channels are also inaccessible. Even when their satellite TV system is enabled, the constant switching between satellite TV connection and their TV antenna can be an annoyance.

To be fair, satellite TV system offers a much wider spectrum of TV programs. TV channels via free-to-air broadcastings can be picked up by satellite TV systems. This means that you could be receiving satellite TV channels from TV stations both in other corners of your country and worldwide. Satellite TV viewers get to watch satellite TV channels such as sports and games events, live talk shows, national and international news, entertainment shows, cartoons, kids educational programs, TV series, movies, music videos and more. Using your personal computer, you can also watch satellite TV on PC the same way as you would with the TV and satellite dish system at home.

Cost is an issue which consumers are sensitive to. Satellite TV services tend to do better in this aspect than cable TV services. When you compare the programs, the goodies bundled with your TV package and the equipment cost and installation, satellite TV monthly subscription packages are more affordable. Cable TV technology requires heavy investments in their infrastructural development and maintenance, unlike satellite TV which is pretty asset light. This frees satellite TV service providers to price their packages more competitively. Since you only need a PC satellite TV software and internet connection to watch satellite TV on PC, the real cost is only your satellite TV software which is much cheaper than satellite TV and cable TV services. After all, you are already paying for your internet connection with or without the TV.

If you are thinking of switching to satellite TV system, visit my blog and find out how how you can watch satellite TV on PC. This article may be freely reprinted or distributed in its entirety in any ezine, newsletter, blog or website. The author's name, bio and website links must remain intact and be included with every reproduction.

Davion is a successful webmaster, author and fan of TV shows. Find out how you can watch satellite TV on PC instantly and tune into hundreds of LIVE world channels of news, movies, music and kids program at

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Watch Satellite TV on PC Craze

To watch satellite TV on PC is raging on as a popular choice of TV viewing amongst TV viewers around the world. Special mention must be given to the US, as TV viewing is the top past-time of the average American home. On average, Americans devote almost 4 to 5 hours of their lives daily, to be glued to the TV set. In the midst of this, to watch satellite TV on PC is fast catching up as the next generation of TV viewing experience. We will explore what is driving this craze and what you as a TV viewer can benefit from it.

Before anyone can watch satellite TV on PC, the battle between the titans, satellite TV and cable TV has been waging on for years now. There are clear merits in both. Thus far, their competition is always in the shores of number of TV channels, pricing, bundled deals with hand phone services and free installation and equipment. Will PC satellite TV now change the landscape totally?

1. Ease of Installation

Whether it is cable TV or satellite TV, there is a certain amount of installation needed at our homes. While you can make use of free installation and equipment offered by these services during special offers, you cannot do away with the drilling and knocking. PC satellite TV allows you to watch satellite TV on PC after installing a unique piece of software on your computer.

2. Number of TV Channels

Satellite TV generally provides more TV channels than cable TV since the satellite TV technology has a wider reach. Now, with PC satellite TV, you are depending on broadband technology which gives you an even wider worldwide access to watch satellite TV on PC of thousands of TV stations. If you are working in a foreign land, it does not stop you from being able to stay connected with the news in your country.

Families can enjoy cozy evenings together watching game shows, teens can see their music videos, yuppies can watch a great movie, dads can catch the latest financial and sport events and kids can learn from their favorite educational programs and enjoy wholesome cartoons.

3. Cost to Watch Satellite TV

Satellite TV basic packages let you watch a hundred or so TV channels and are cheaper than cable TV. Still, it is on monthly subscription and if you want the local channels or international programs, be prepared to pay extra. PC satellite TV on the other hand charges you one-off probably one or two months worth of the subscription fees you are paying for the software. And you can watch satellite TV on PC connecting to thousands of stations worldwide. Of course there are bills to pay for broadband usage but anyway, you are already paying for unlimited broadband usage right?

This really is what drives people to watch satellite TV on PC. Keen on tapping on the software but don?t know how? Read my blog to find out more.

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Davion is a successful webmaster, author and fan of TV shows. Discover how you can instantly watch satellite TV on PC, tuning into hundreds of LIVE world channels of news, movies, music and kids program at

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