Thursday, June 25, 2009

Satellite TV Reviews - Why You Should Be Using Satellite TV Software On Your Computer

If you haven't heard about satellite TV software for your computer, you are missing out on an incredible viewing experience. There are many benefits that it can offer, making satellite television seem antiquated by comparison. Here is just a glimpse at what this software can do for you.

Back when satellites first became affordable for the general public, everyone was amazed at the quality and how many channels you could get. The newness wore off however as people realized that it packed a hefty monthly fee. If you want more than just basic channels, you'll be paying at least $50 a month, which can quickly add up over time.

How much money have you spent on your satellite TV? Use it for at least a year, and you've already spent $600. If you want extra movie channels, it can easily run into at least $1000 a year. All of this, and you're still limited in your selection and subjected to occasional blackouts and equipment problems.

Satellite television software for your PC has only one initial fee. After that, you're free to watch as much as you want, with over 4000 channels, and you never have to pay another dime. It more than pays for itself after the first two months. You could be spending all of that extra money you'll save on things you really need.

Installing this software is incredibly easy. Even novice computer users can be up and running in just a few minutes. You won't have to run out and purchase any expensive add-ons or cards for your computer. If you have a computer with internet access, you'll be all ready to go.

One of the nicer aspects of satellite television for your computer is that you don't have to worry about positioning a satellite on your house. This is definitely one of the major drawbacks of satellite television. The bulky device detracts from the value and curb appeal for your home and they can be incredibly tricky to install.

Storms and other outages also frequently affect these devices, making them more of a pain to run than they should be. Instead of going through all of this, you can simply download the software to your computer and start watching television on your PC right away.

Once you've installed a regular satellite, you'll be limited to your home if you want to watch television. If you are frequently on the road, you'll be spending money for nothing. With this software, you can install it on your laptop and watch television virtually anywhere. If you have a WIFI card, you can even take it into restaurants and watch television on your PC while you eat.

The time has definitely come to embrace this new technology. The money that you'll save more than justifies the purchase. Add on the extra benefit of being able to watch television no matter where you are and the lack of necessary equipment and you've got an awesome entertainment solution.

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Monday, June 22, 2009

Free Satellite TV On PC

Technology is advancing so fast that now one can watch satellite TV or hear radio on a home PC. All you need is special hardware known as PCTV cards that are of two kinds. One kind needs to be installed in the PC while the other kind is an external box that plugs into the PC's USB port.

There are cards that use the PC's infrastructure to decode satellite signals and allow users to enjoy free-to-air digital television and radio programs. There are cards that have built-in processors that allow TV viewing in a separate window while the PC runs other programs. Both kinds of cards can be utilized to receive Broadband Internet via Satellite. Requests are made using a telephone line but data is received at 40MB per second via the satellite dish.

To view satellite TV on your PC you would require a minimum processor that is Pentium II 333 MHz, an operating system like Microsoft Windows 98/ME/2000/XP, as well as hardware consisting of sound card, spare USB slot, and a CD Rom drive. If you are a computer geek you could in addition to the cards have a Windows media player, real player, or quick time player all of which will take you to the next level of viewership.

The options are many. The PC can be directly connected to a satellite dish by using a product like Hauppauge 3000 or through the Internet cable; or via the satellite box (run an aerial lead from the RF output socket of the Shy Digibox to the input aerial socket on a standard PC TV card or USB TV adapter). Direct TV and Dish TV both recommend using a connection via their proprietary satellite TV receiver box as ideal.

With a PC-TV-Radio one can simultaneously or alternately watch regular TV, a movie, or sports, and enjoy crystal clear music while writing, checking mail, telewebbing, or surfing the Internet. The options are astounding one can download and record favorite programs, record music, and be creative.

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Monday, June 8, 2009

Watch Satellite TV on PC - New Software is the Next IN Thing

Watching satellite TV on PC is cool. If you have been doing so, you should know that the only way to watch satellite TV on PC is to use the PCTV card. Now, PCTV cards are not the cheapest peripherals around. Installation is also required in order to get your PC up and running to receive the satellite TV channels. Its 2007 now, time to brush off this old method and make way for special proprietary software that would enable your PC to receive satellite TV feeds. One touch, one installation of simple software and your PC transforms itself into a Satellite TV, ready to display hundreds of LIVE channels worldwide from more than 3000 stations. Are you ready for the change?

Watching satellite TV on PC using software is fast making its way into America and many nations' homes as the most popular way to watch TV. There are many merits in doing so:

1. Wide Variety of Channels

Traditional satellite TV providers normally offer a few hundred channels to their subscribers. However, not all the channels are entertaining and to users? liking, though a few hundred channels is quite a wide selection, we human beings are choosy creatures. The more the merrier, isn?t it? You can watch satellite TV on PC using software and access to channels from thousands of TV stations worldwide. With a range of programs that include kids programs, movies, TV shows, sports, news and events, surely there are some channels that suit you and your family?s preferences.

2. One-time Low Cost of Usage

Most would think the cost involved is no different from the satellite TV provider. You would be pleasantly surprised to know that there is no monthly subscription fee to pay at all. On the contrary, one only has to pay a low one-time fee for the use of special proprietary software that would turn your PC into a satellite TV. Hint here is that it will cost you lesser than the price of a few CDs or a good meal at the local restaurant. Another plus point here is you no longer have to pay additional charges for set-ups and the favorite Live Sports channel you always craved for. Simply install the software on your PC and it is ready for viewing.

3. Quality of Satellite TV Channels

The trouble with using satellite dish is the inconsistency of the quality of satellite TV channels. Viewing may be interrupted sometimes due to weak transmission of signals, making the whole experience unpalatable. Imagine watching an important football game and experiencing disruptions in the TV channel in the midst of a goal. This can really be dampening on our moods. If you watch satellite TV on PC using software, this problem is eradicated. The quality of satellite TV using the dish pales in comparison with watching them on PC. The satellite TV channels on PC are clear as transmissions of channel feeds are smoother.

The benefits to watch satellite TV on PC using software are numerous as you can see. Since the introduction of this software into the market, many folks have switched allegiance, choosing this option over monthly satellite TV subscriptions with the cable or satellite TV operators. This is proving to be a real threat to the providers. As a consumer, it is to our advantage to seize this money-saving opportunity. Visit my blog to find the resource you need to watch satellite TV on PC in a few moments from now.

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Davion is a successful webmaster, author and fan of TV shows. Discover how you can instantly watch satellite TV on PC, tuning into hundreds of LIVE world channels of news, movies, music and kids program at

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Monday, June 1, 2009

Watch Satellite TV On PC Without The Dish

Watching satellite TV on PC without a dish is a completely new concept to many people. This article would reveal how you can enjoy satellite TV without any messy satellite dish installation.

For those of us who live in remote parts of the world, we are used to watching satellite television using a dish. This dish basically acts like an antenna to receive/transmit signals to and from satellites, allowing us to watch satellite television. The set up of a satellite television can be laborious for folks who are not too techie. The installation involves getting the satellite dish erected outdoor and fixing a low-noise block converter (LNB) on the dish. A receiver or decoder is also required in order to complete the installation. If this set-up sounds very complicated to you, you would be glad to know that you can now watch satellite TV on PC, without any complex installation.

Here are the basic hardware and computer requirements before you can watch satellite TV on PC:

1. PCTV Card

Your computer can act as a satellite television, with the monitor functioning as the screen. However, you would need to first enable your PC to receive and interpret the satellite TV channel feed using what we call a PCTV card. This card can be installed internally on the Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI) slot which attaches peripheral devices like the PCTV card to the motherboard of your computer. External PCTV cards are attached to your PC via the USB port. In both cases, please take note that internet connection must be established. If you are using an external card, remember to make sure you have a USB port. Otherwise you may need to purchase an adapter.

2. Internet Connection

Broadband connection at speeds no lesser than 512Kbytes is preferred. I will explain why. The quality of your satellite TV would be clearer and transmission would be faster and smoother with high connection speeds.

3. Computer Configuration

In order to watch satellite TV on PC, your PC has to satisfy some minimum requirements like having a minimum RAM speed of 128Mbytes and the CPU must be at least a Pentium 3. Nowadays, most computers are able to fulfill these conditions so it should bother you too much.

4. Optional Computer Peripherals

There are other optional computer components that would enhance your viewing experience such as installing a top-grade graphics card and sound card. It would be perfect if you can get hold of a sub-woofer or even a theater system that is compatible with your computer.

This may be a good way to watch satellite TV on PC but it is definitely not the best nowadays. With technological advances at such break-neck speeds, we can now access to satellite TV on our PC using software. Read my blog to learn how you can watch satellite TV from any computer installed with this special proprietary software everyone is talking about.

This article may be freely reprinted or distributed in its entirety in any ezine, newsletter, blog or website. The author's name, bio and website links must remain intact and be included with every reproduction.

Davion is a successful webmaster, author and fan of TV shows. Discover how you can instantly watch satellite TV on PC, tuning into hundreds of LIVE world channels of news, movies, music and kids program at

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