Thursday, December 13, 2007

Free TV On Your PC

Nowadays with broadband internet access available to everyone and is affordable, it is definitely possible to get free tv on your pc. You do not need to buy any extra hardware components such as a TV tuner card to watch free tv on pc.

There are many websites on the internet that offers streaming video 24 hours a day. Examples are Google Video and Youtube. In fact, many movie distributors will distribute trailers via this method way before you see them on TV.

How about watching free satellite tv on pc?

Is it possible to watch free satellite tv on your pc? Of course yes. All you need is to download a small piece of software and you can watch more than 3000 different satellite channels from all over the world on your pc.

Forget about paying hundreds of dollars each month for satellite tv since you can get watch on your pc. Some do charge a one time fee for the software but that?s all you pay and in my view, it?s better than paying every month.

Now before you rush off and start downloading the software, you might want to upgrade your internet connection to DSL or cable. Watching satellite TV on your pc require high bandwidth and it will provide a better viewing experience.

If you prefer to watch satellite tv on your television set rather than the computer monitor. You need to have a video card that has at least a S-video output. You can then connect it to your TV?s video port and watch on your larger television screen.

If you got some money, it is also worthwhile to upgrade your hard disk to a larger capacity since you can record the tv channels easily.

All you need to do to watch free tv on your pc is to download the software and presto free satellite tv anytime anywhere.

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