Monday, August 13, 2007

Free Satellite TV on PC Exposed - The Truth About Watching Free Satellite TV on Your Computer

It seems only natural. You have a computer with a monitor and speakers, you have minor tasks to accomplish and plenty of capacity just sitting there, why not watch satellite TV on the computer? This is actually possible. It does require broadband capacity and a capable enough PC, but in this day and age only the oldest systems can't really handle television. However, there are some issues that I will explain to you.

There are two basic approaches when it comes to watching free satellite Tv on your PC. The first one is hardware and involves adding a PCTV card to the computer. This can be internal or external, and will cost at least $150 and even considerably more. They can be found cheaper on online auctions, but one must be careful when taking part to avoid getting garbage. It is best to stick to the major name brands, such as ATI, Wonder, Hauppage, Plextor, IO Magic and Pinnacle. This card allows the computer to connect to the satellite dish and function as a television.

The other approach is to download software to watch satellite TV on your computer. A program, typically costing about $50, will allow the computer to connect online to the satellite television providers and simply stream the signal to the computer. There are more than 3,000 channels online and they cover essentially all of the important television formats and languages.

The installation process is short and requires no special expertise. This option doesn't have the normal contract that requires you to continue to pay for the service for a given time period, and involves intercepting free to air transmissions. It is perfectly legal, totally free and has no issues, unless you try to send a signal back to the transmitter, an act that is strictly prohibited.

It is possible to use hacked emulator cards to view encrypted signals, premium channels. This is both illegal and a waste. It is a waste in that the company providing the signal won’t do so if there isn’t a profit in it, and because the time and money invested in the illegal card is constantly at risk as the providing company attempts to find ways to prevent such thefts. Thus at any point the money and time spent hacking into the system can be lost as the company finds and defeats the security flaw the illegal emulator is exploiting.

This wide variety of options helps ensure that there is a way to accomplish this task suited to your particular situation. At that point the biggest issue becomes the normal problem, of finding something worth watching.

Watch over 3,000 satellite channels right on your PC. Download our software and start watching satellite TV on your PC. There is no doubt you will find that being able to watch satellite TV on your PC will be an exciting and enjoyable experience. You can also check out my blog for more information at

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