Monday, October 29, 2007

Satellite TV Providers Worried About Consumers Getting Satellite TV Through Their PC's

A new software tool just recently hit the internet called Satellite TV For PC. People every where have been complaining that the prices cable and satellite TV providers charge is unfair, but now they have more options. This one small piece of software allows anybody with an internet connection to view over three thousand satellite TV stations from around the world through the internet on their PC.

Satellite TV For PC has taken the way we use the internet to a new level. Ever since the internet became mainstream it has been changing the way we live. At first it was all about email but then came chatting and several other innovations quickly followed. Now in present times we can do everything from making phone calls to ordering pizza and renting a movie over the internet.

With the new innovation of sending a streaming satellite signal through an internet connection any where in the world directly to your PC is exciting. Consumers will soon not have to worry about how much their local cable or satellite provider charges for service. Instead they will literally have a whole world of choices on where to get their television stations from.

Having no physical connection to a satellite or cable line will also be a good benefit. These satellite TV stations are available where ever there is a computer with the software installed that has a working internet connection.

Experts agree that Satellite TV For PC is just the tip of the ice burg. Now that companies as well as consumers know that this technology is available, products like it will be in very high demand. It would not be a shock to see the big name satellite TV providers like Direct TV and Dish Network start offering similar services for you PC in the near future as well.

Terry Brazil, resident satellite specialist at has done research as well as written articles on this subject had this to say:

"A software program like what Satellite TV For PC offers is simply just the starting point. The internet has given us tons of great new innovations on the technical front. The ability to do something like this has been available for years but nobody has just never tried to do it. I am sure that many hardware manufacturers are already planning on releasing products to help make watching this new service on their TV's easier for consumers.

Now that technology like this has been proven to work everybody will be wanting a piece of the pie. You can bet your bottom dollar that we will see similar companies and products hitting the market before the end of this year. I believe that the bigger companies like Direct TV and Dish Network will also have to release their versions of this kind of software so they can try to stay competitive in the satellite TV market"

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