Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Satellite TV on Your PC - No Hardware Required

Remember when you were a kid and someone told you about the stuff that would be possible 'one day'? Growing up in the '70s there were certain points on the time line of my future that I really believed were going to be worth the wait. Jet packs to get around town; the meal in a pill; or even the one about world peace.

As a whole, we haven't really come as far as the futurists promised. Another case of marketing making promises and not clearing them with engineering. That hasn't changed, either!

But, while we do still have to load airplanes through a single door, drive our oil-spewing cars, and eat swiss chard, there have been some huge leaps, technologically speaking. Heck, my grandma remembers hearing the first time a car engine started and here I sit with 3,000 channels of television on my laptop.

That last sentence was NOT a typo -- 3,000- channels of television on my laptop.

This product is CERTAINLY the 21st century that my comic book heroes referred to way back when I had a head full of hair, a face full of pimples, and free time to, well, watch 3,000 channels of television.

Radio stations from Romania; soccer from Sweden; game shows from Greece; home shopping channel from Hungary; news from New Zealand; or even music videos from Macedonia. This software (which costs less than $50 for LIFETIME SERVICE and NO MONTHLY CHARGES) can literally take you around the world without having to ever board an airplane through that darn single door.

I downloaded this program 2 weeks ago and it has opened my eyes to a world of viewpoints that I might never have considered. The Satellite TV channels are easy to navigate and the response time is just like your living room box - but with a vocabulary that your old SONY won't ever understand. It allows you to search for channels by country and/or by topic. It is easy to find sports, news, and TV shows. It is quite fun to view TV shows from around the world. You might even see the next big thing, before Simon Cowell makes it the next big thing.

They offer a money back guarantee so you can try it out risk free. I find that to be extremely 21st century, and dare I say, perhaps even 22nd century. Some packages you spend your money, take a chance and if you're not satisfied you are out of luck. With Satellite TV for PC you download it, give it an 8 week workout -- and return it if you don't love it. I'm not giving mine back, but you might have more of a life than me.

I'd write more about it, but it's 3:00 PM in Luxemburg right now and my new favorite show, Luxemburg Ice Dancing, is about to being. And honestly, it's just not the same if you miss the opening.

Pick it up right now (link below) and quit paying that monthly $90 cable bill for a lousy 100 stations!

100 stations... geez, what is this, 2004?

Barry Friedman is a four time World Juggling Champion (stop laughing -- it's a great gig) who spends a lot of time on airplanes. He loves to write, play with electronics, read books, use software, and raise his child. When he gets something new he usually writes a review that promises to carry a two-laugh minimum.

His review home page is here: http://www.productandserviceguide.com

His juggling life (yeah, the one you were laughing about) can be found here:

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Watch Satellite TV On Your PC

Did you know the latest buzz in the satellite television industry is that you can now watch satellite tv on your pc for free? Besides being able to watch free satellite tv channels, you can also record the tv shows as well as connect it to your television or plasma tv if you prefer to watch satellite tv on your TV.

To watch satellite tv on your pc, you will need either a satellite tv software or a PCTV card installed on your computer. The PCTV card nowadays comes in both external and internal. The external version can be plugged into any USB port and is suitable for laptop users. The internal version slots into the PCI slot on your desktop computer. You may need some help if you are not familiar with installing cards on your desktop computer.

The PCTV card contains a processor that enables it to decode satellite signals and transform it into digital signals that can be output on your computer monitor. Since it performs the decoding on the PCTV card, it is less processor intensive than a purely software satellite tv software. This allows a smoother and higher quality satellite tv playback on your PC.

To watch satellite tv on your pc, the minimum specification for your computer would be stated on the PCTV card or the satellite tv software. Usually, you need at least a Pentium III 500 Mhz processor with at least 256 MB RAM. Your operating system should be at least windows 2000/XP as well. A sound card is also needed and if you are using the external PCTV version, a USB port needs to be available as well.

You can connect your internet cable directly to the PCTV card or use a third party product such as Hauppauge 3000. For some satellite tv software, it is even simpler. All you need is to make sure your computer is connected to the internet.

I do recommend you have at least a broadband speed of 512kbps and above in order for smoother satellite tv playback.

Besides watching satellite tv on your PC, you can also record the channels if you wish to. I would advise getting a larger capacity hard drive as it can take up a lot of space when you record satellite tv channels.

Click here for Ricky's reviews of the best satellite tv to pc software.

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Thursday, July 17, 2008

How to Watch TV on your PC for Free

There are various ways that you can watch TV on your pc or personal computer. The easiest way is to buy software online that you can download and install on your computer. After you?ve installed it, you can start watching many TV channels and stations for free. The other way is to buy a TV card and connect it to your pc. For this method you?ll need additional hardware or equipment such as a TV aerial.

If you want to watch TV on your pc without too much hassle, then using software is the easiest and fastest way. Here are the steps you need to follow.

1. Get a reasonably good pc if you don't already have one. An average pc will do but a very good one will do even better. Most of the ?satellite TV for pc? software will work with any version of windows from Windows 95 onwards. You do not need any additional hardware such as TV cards or aerials. All you'll need is the software and you?ll be able to watch TV on your pc for free.

2. Sign up with an internet service provider. If you're reading this online, chances are you already have access to the internet. A dial up connection will do fine but if you're after high quality picture and viewing experience, then high speed internet or a broadband connection is the way to go.

3. Purchase a good quality satellite TV for pc software. There are many providers online that sell software that let you watch TV on your pc. But do shop around because some of the software being advertised online has problems. Some have too few channels. Others have a tendency to just freeze for no reason. Some come loaded with spy ware and display annoying ads. You can find a review of satellite TV for pc software at http://www.satellite-tv-providers.org/pctv/

4. Sit back, watch TV on your pc and enjoy! Many people are able to access hundreds of TV channels for free using their computer. You can watch news, sports, TV episodes, documentaries, religious programs, free-to-air satellite TV channels, movies, kids? shows and much more. You'll also get access to TV channels from different countries such as the UK, USA, Australia, Germany, Spain, Canada, Brazil and many more countries. The good thing about watching TV on your pc is that it's free!

If you decide to buy a TV card, you'll need to make sure that your pc and the specifications on the TV card match. You may also need a TV aerial and a subscription to a satellite provider if you want access to satellite channels.

Bridget Mwape writes articles for the Satellite TV guide. You can download software that will give you instant access to thousands of digital satellite TV channels at http://www.satellite-tv-providers.org/pctv/ instantly.

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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Satellite TV On Your PC - Is It The Best Choice For You?

Can you really get Free satellite TV on your PC?

It sounds too good to be true doesn't it. Many people are paying more than $25 - $70+ a month for a Satellite TV or Direct TV!

Imagine being able to get access to more than 3000 Satellite tv channels without the expensive monthly fees. Well now you can, and it's a easy as ABC to set up even if you're a technophobe. At first I was sceptical about the technology, but after putting the satellite pc tv software through it's paces it proved to be very impressive.

There are many features available with the Satellite TV for PC software. One of the major advantages is Satellite pc tv doesn't require any additional hardware, there is nothing else to buy or rent. There are no ongoing fees of any type, once you are set up, you have free Satellite tv on your computer for ever.

The best Satellite tv for pc software provides over 3000 worldwide channels all from the convenience of your home computer or laptop. Not all satellite pc tv software is created equal, and if you want the best performance and features then stick to the top 3 satellite tv for pc software systems. Which are the top 3 satellite tv for pc systems? Read on to find out as all will be revealed.

What You Need To Install Satellite Tv on your Computer.

All you need is an internet connection. You simply purchase the software online making sure you get the right satellite software for you, then all you do is download and install it, then sit back and watch Satellite TV on your PC within minutes. This solution is by far the quickest and simplest.

The satellite tv software works with anything from a 56k modem connection, but the faster your internet connection, the better output picture quality and sound you will get. I would highly recommend a broadband connection, with a good quality broadband connection you will get a much higher quality of audio and video from your Satellite TV on PC software particularly if you want to watch high definition satellite tv.

One of the great advantages with this satellite tv for pc software is being able to show the output picture signal on your big screen TV, Andrew Kelly a leading IT specialist says "many people think they will be confined to watching the satellite tv only on their computer screen but this is not the case, we have simple guides to help people view their satellite tv software on their television or home cinema".

With the advent of this new breed of Satellite tv for computer software, the time is right to indulge in this amazing technology, don't pay $30 - $70+ a month for satellite tv subscriptions, not when you can have an even better system on your home computer.

Andrew Kelly shows you how to get the most out of Satellite TV software and the traps to avoid. For Your Free Special Report and tips on getting the most from Satellite PC TV visit: Satellite TV for PC Reviews

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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The HDTV Market Follows the Same Route as the Personal Computers.

Sales of HDTVs are more than doubling each year, technology advances are announced daily, and it's hard to keep up with this heady pace. But it all sounds strangely familiar. Take a moment to consider the personal computer market of 15 years ago. Back in 1991...

* The computer you really wanted cost $3,000 or more;

* System specifications were a confusing mess of acronyms and jargon, such as EGA and VGA, MHz and KB, IDE and DRAM, cache and interleave;

* The technology was changing rapidly, making it hard to keep up with the differences between the 80386 and 80386SX and the new 80486;

* If you walked into a computer store, you'd likely be confused by the answers to your questions;

* If you went to more than one computer store, you'd find that you'd be told conflicting answers to your questions; * Some familiar brands such as IBM had personal computers, but you also were confronted by a host of unfamiliar brands such as Swan and Gateway and Sager and Packard Bell;

* Your purchase was going to have to last you at least five years, so you wanted to make sure you bought a system that wasn't going to be obsolete overnight; and

* You didn't want to make a stupid mistake, but it was hard to get enough information to make a confident decision.

Fast-forward to 2006: this same list describes the current HDTV and digital TV market, only the jargon and acronyms and brands have changed.

Early adopters and high-end HD television enthusiasts either have the time and interest to educate themselves, or have the money to let someone else figure it out for them. These people rely on the specialist magazines and custom HDTV installation services.

As we climb into the fat part of the HDTV adopter curve, however, we encounter HDTV buyers who are more concerned with maximum results for minimum costs than with becoming experts in high definition television on their own. They need a source of independent, expert HDTV advice that will help them learn enough to make a confident, informed decision about their HDTV and home entertainment purchases, without having to invest a significant amount of time and money in the process.

Alfred Poor's HDTV Resource Center is designed to meet the needs of the "fat part" of the HDTV adopter market, providing access to information that is presented in clear and accessible terms that will help buyers understand the important issues so that they can make up their own minds about which factors are most important for their needs and tastes.

Alfred Poor has spent the last 20 years helping millions of readers cope with the confusion surrounding personal computers and related products, and has earned an international following in the process. He now turns his skills and two decades of experience to the HDTV and home entertainment market, with the goal of helping bewildered readers cut through the confusion, and make confident HDTV buying decisions.

Alfred Poor has been one of the display industry's most knowledgeable and influential analysts and journalists for the past 20 years. His HDTV Resource Center and HDTV Buying Guides help consumers make sense out of the confusing HDTV market. As an independent industry expert Alfred provides expert advice consumers can trust.

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