Wednesday, February 25, 2009

How I Got Live Satellite Tv On My PC

We wanted to get Satellite TV, and my Dad was going to goto one of the big box stores and buy a satellite system. I told him that I thought I found find a better deal online, so we went ahead and looked. I found a few good deals, but the one we went with was such a good deal!

We can watch over 2500 channels on my screen, and we didn't have to buy any extra hardware! The great thing about this, is that you can watch it when you travel, as it is available ANYWHERE in the world. Next month we are going on a trip to Europe, so I will try it then and let you know how it works. The quality is superb, and even on my oldest computer it runs fast!

After I ordered it, I was setup and running in less then an hour! I had a question about a couple of the channels, and the tech support got back to me in minutes! It is very easy to use, my Dad can use it and he knows nothing about computers.

One thing my dad loves about it is that he can watch international games such as soccer, hockey and football! This is great, it saves us from having to pay for pay-per-view games, or missing the game altogether. The other thing we like is that we can pause the TV as we are watching it, or if we are at work/school we can have it record shows for us for playback later. It is 100% LEGAL!

Link to article on my blog, and info on getting the satellite tv

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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Watch Satellite TV on PC or TV - Options You Have for Satellite TV

To watch satellite TV on PC is the latest craze that has hit home. America and the rest of the world have long been initiated to watch satellite TV as early as 1995. Research survey reveals that there are more than 50 million subscribers to satellite TV worldwide in 2003 and this figure is projected to hit more than 100 million homes within these few years. So people are not new to the idea of watching satellite TV. To watch satellite TV on PC is a real new experience for most and people are thrilled at the ease of doing so. Let?s explore the different options you have to watch satellite TV.

Old users of satellite TV would be familiar with popular satellite TV providers like DirecTV, Dish Network, Sky Perfect TV and British Sky Broadcasting (BSkyB). Satellite TV providers work on a monthly subscription model. It generally would cost you anything between $30 to less than $100 per month. In order to watch satellite TV, special equipment needs to be installed at your home such as the satellite dish, receiver, low-noise block converter (LNB), mount and other peripherals. Depending on the subscription plans offered, there are times when the satellite TV providers would throw in some freebies such as free equipment and installation, or bundled deals to entice you to sign up with their services. You would then have access to watch a few hundred worldwide channels.

There is another dubious alternative, ie using devices such as emulators, bootloaders or unloopers, smart cards and bootleg DirecTV cards to intercept and steal satellite TV signals from DirecTV and other satellite TV providers. While pirates are able to escape detection for a short while, but more often than not, the digital satellite systems developer are able to stop the interception with electronic counter measures. Once the satellite TV devices are jammed, especially for the smart cards, they become completely useless. Pirates would then hack and reprogram the cards. Smart cards are not exactly cheap to use especially when there is a periodic need to reprogram them. Reprogramming is not free.

This is a race where consumers who want to watch satellite TV are the real victims. The cost of setting up equipment like the dish, receiver, LNB and other peripherals to use in conjunction with these cards is yet another cost consumers have to bear. At least satellite TV providers do provide them free during some promotional offers.

There have been new entrants into the satellite TV market in the form of internet satellite TV software providers. Recognizing a growing market for satellite TV, software developers have ingeniously come up with proprietary software so that one can now watch satellite TV on PC. There is no equipment installation needed in order to watch satellite TV on PC. All one needs is a minimum 56K internet connection and once you have installed the satellite TV software you are ready to plug into programs from more than a few thousand worldwide stations. But a hint for you is to use broadband connection for improved transmission and viewing quality.

More people are turning to using internet satellite TV software to watch satellite TV on PC because of its ease of use and low cost. Rather than to pay a monthly subscription, people prefer to pay a one-time fee of lesser than $50 to purchase the proprietary software. Folks also like the idea of being able to access additional TV channels as more are added with time, without having to pay more like what they are used to at some satellite TV providers. If you find a channel or movie you like to watch, you do not have to top up or pay for the movie using the software. With all these perks, who else doesn?t want to watch satellite TV on PC? Learn more about this proprietary software and how you can watch satellite TV on PC within a few minutes from now.

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Monday, February 9, 2009

Satellite TV on Your PC: the Basics

When it comes to watching TV on your computer, you can go down one of two roads: the hardware one or the software one. If you take the hardware road, what you're going to buy is called a TV-PC tuner card. This comes either as a card that you install inside your computer that creates an external socket for your TV aerial, or as a USB device that will happily plug into the outside of your machine. This will allow you to receive television signals directly to your computer, and is handy for someone who has recording options on their computer that they can use for television content. This option, however, will not allow you to get any TV content that you are not already getting or entitled to either through a paid subscription service of free public television content.

If you take the software road, you are entering the land of "Internet television," which is at once a land of promise and a land of confusion. Here's what it entails:

1) There is plenty of free stuff available legally online by way of video clips and streaming content. This stuff can be anything from an amateur video on You Tube to streaming news clips associated with a professional news agency. Many satellite TV stations also stream live on the web, and there are a handful of websites that link you to this content.

2) You can opt to buy a software application (for anywhere from $25 to $125) that will provide direct links (often numbering in the thousands) to national and international satellite television programming. The software in most cases is downloadable online, and will open the chosen content in a standard media player.

Both of these first two options can be hit or miss as far as finding what you really want. And no, you cannot legally get MTV or HBO for free. What you do find is often a grab bag of foreign language and religious programming, and your search will be rife with browser incompatibility problems, applet errors, broken links, and endless buffering. If you do go with the proprietary software solution for a very low price, you can count on getting what you pay for.

3) You can also use peer-to-peer (P2P) applications to share video files with others. The technology itself is legal, but distributing and/or receiving protected television programming is not. But in this case at least you know what you're getting.

In the coming years, paid satellite TV subscriptions will go down in price and the offerings that are available for free will go up in quality. TV programming online will also improve, and the practice of micro-payments for certain content may help drive this change. In the meantime, searching for satellite TV programming online, often from other countries, will continue to be an unpredictable and often surreal experience, but it can also be a serendipitously rewarding one.

Drew Surrey writes on a changing TV culture in the age of the Internet and digital technology. For more on your TV to PC options, check out

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