Wednesday, February 25, 2009

How I Got Live Satellite Tv On My PC

We wanted to get Satellite TV, and my Dad was going to goto one of the big box stores and buy a satellite system. I told him that I thought I found find a better deal online, so we went ahead and looked. I found a few good deals, but the one we went with was such a good deal!

We can watch over 2500 channels on my screen, and we didn't have to buy any extra hardware! The great thing about this, is that you can watch it when you travel, as it is available ANYWHERE in the world. Next month we are going on a trip to Europe, so I will try it then and let you know how it works. The quality is superb, and even on my oldest computer it runs fast!

After I ordered it, I was setup and running in less then an hour! I had a question about a couple of the channels, and the tech support got back to me in minutes! It is very easy to use, my Dad can use it and he knows nothing about computers.

One thing my dad loves about it is that he can watch international games such as soccer, hockey and football! This is great, it saves us from having to pay for pay-per-view games, or missing the game altogether. The other thing we like is that we can pause the TV as we are watching it, or if we are at work/school we can have it record shows for us for playback later. It is 100% LEGAL!

Link to article on my blog, and info on getting the satellite tv

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