Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Watch Satellite TV On PC and TV Methods Revealed

To watch satellite TV on PC or TV, there are quite a handful of methods to do so. It is important that we know our options since television is very much part of our life. In a recent study, statistics showed that more than 99% of our American homes own more than one television, with national average at around 2 TV sets per home. In fact, a good percentage of our households, more than 25% are already watching satellite TV. Let us take a walkthrough to various options to watch satellite TV on PC or TV.

Watch Satellite TV on TV

There are essentially 2 basic ways to watch satellite TV on our TV sets. You should be pretty familiar with Television Receive-Only (TVRO) as it was the pioneering satellite TV systems. These kind of do-it-yourself (DIY) satellite TV systems receive satellite TV feeds from FSS-type satellites, on C-band frequency. These systems are also called big ugly dish systems (BUDS) for its signature large satellite dish which are typically 3 to 6 feet in diameter. Before pay television and subscription-based Direct Broadcast Systems (DBS) services like Dish Network and DirecTV appeared, it was the only source of satellite TV. This way of watching satellite TV still exists in different parts of the world such as Australia, India and Europe but is generally for Ku-band DVB. In the US, more are ditching them to watch satellite TV using other methods. This is understandable since the TVRO system requires cumbersome satellite dish setup and is very limited in the number of stations available.

The most common method now is of course to watch satellite TV using Direct Broadcast Systems (DBS). Big names like DirecTV and Dish Network are two more popular DBS service providers in the US. In order for you to watch satellite TV, you need to subscribe for one of the monthly TV program packages. Normally, depending on the package, there are some variations in the types of programs you get to watch though you should be able to watch from several hundreds of satellite TV channels. The satellite dish did not die in this system; it just shrunk to about one and a half foot. One advantage about such a system over the TVRO was the stationary positioning of the satellite throughout the day. TVRO satellites need to be adjusted to receive different station feeds at various times of the day.

Watch Satellite TV on PC

You may have heard the recent buzz about being about to watch satellite TV on PC. Yes, it is true. There are also 2 ways to watch satellite TV on PC. You can either install a PCTV card on your PC to receive satellite TV feeds or by installing special PC satellite TV software. In both cases, you would require an internet connection, preferably broadband and a computer with minimum hardware requirements. That?s it and you are ready to tap into hundreds to thousands of worldwide TV stations.

This new concept of digital or internet satellite TV is based on using Free-To-Air (FTA) digital satellite broadcasts to bring decoded satellite TV channels to your personal computer. The internet satellite TV stations have been said to carry a wide selection of TV programs ranging from movies and TV series to scientific and geographic documentaries and include even children educational programs. More folks are being won over to watch satellite TV on PC, in particular to using PC satellite TV software for obvious reasons. The number of satellite TV stations is staggering, and the picture and sound quality is crystal clear. And they simply love the fact that they only need to invest in a software to watch satellite TV on PC that would not even cost them more than a movie and meal.

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