Saturday, September 27, 2008

Watch Satellite TV on PC - What You Need

Watching satellite TV on PC is the future of TV viewing. So how do you set up your computer in order to watch satellite TV on PC? There are generally two ways to watch satellite TV on PC. We would look at the first which is using a PCTV card, and the other using PC satellite TV software.

PCTV cards are specialized hardware used to watch satellite TV or listen to the radio on the PC. It is either an internal or external device. Internal PCTV cards are installed onto your PC, while external card is plugged onto the PC via a USB port. These cards are designed to make use of your PC?s architecture to receive free-to-air satellite TV feeds from the satellite TV stations. From there, they decode the TV feeds for display on the monitor as TV and radio programs.

Depending on the card type, it may also have a built-in processor that enables you to watch satellite TV on PC and another program in separate window frames. Each card would easily cost more than $100. You need to check that your PC satisfies the minimum requirements such as:

1. Pentium II 333 MHz

2. Windows 98/2000/ME/XP Operating System (OS)

3. USB Port

4. Sound Card

Another method to watch satellite TV on PC is using PC satellite TV software. PC satellite TV or satellite TV for PC software is a trademarked product developed after years of research and development by the leading software developers from IBM, Microsoft and etc. This piece of software can be downloaded easily from the internet and would cost you somewhere in the range of $49.95 to $99.

The PC requirements are similar to PCTV card system except that you do not need a USB Port at all. This software also accepts an older version Windows 95. In order to optimize the performance, it would be desirable that your CPU processor is a minimum Pentium III. Other than that, there is no more special hardware or equipment you need to watch satellite TV on PC. But one more thing, you would need an internet connection as the TV channels are streamed online. Although it works perfectly with a 56k connection, using a higher speed internet connection such as broadband would significantly improve the picture quality.

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