Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Watch Satellite TV on PC Craze

To watch satellite TV on PC is raging on as a popular choice of TV viewing amongst TV viewers around the world. Special mention must be given to the US, as TV viewing is the top past-time of the average American home. On average, Americans devote almost 4 to 5 hours of their lives daily, to be glued to the TV set. In the midst of this, to watch satellite TV on PC is fast catching up as the next generation of TV viewing experience. We will explore what is driving this craze and what you as a TV viewer can benefit from it.

Before anyone can watch satellite TV on PC, the battle between the titans, satellite TV and cable TV has been waging on for years now. There are clear merits in both. Thus far, their competition is always in the shores of number of TV channels, pricing, bundled deals with hand phone services and free installation and equipment. Will PC satellite TV now change the landscape totally?

1. Ease of Installation

Whether it is cable TV or satellite TV, there is a certain amount of installation needed at our homes. While you can make use of free installation and equipment offered by these services during special offers, you cannot do away with the drilling and knocking. PC satellite TV allows you to watch satellite TV on PC after installing a unique piece of software on your computer.

2. Number of TV Channels

Satellite TV generally provides more TV channels than cable TV since the satellite TV technology has a wider reach. Now, with PC satellite TV, you are depending on broadband technology which gives you an even wider worldwide access to watch satellite TV on PC of thousands of TV stations. If you are working in a foreign land, it does not stop you from being able to stay connected with the news in your country.

Families can enjoy cozy evenings together watching game shows, teens can see their music videos, yuppies can watch a great movie, dads can catch the latest financial and sport events and kids can learn from their favorite educational programs and enjoy wholesome cartoons.

3. Cost to Watch Satellite TV

Satellite TV basic packages let you watch a hundred or so TV channels and are cheaper than cable TV. Still, it is on monthly subscription and if you want the local channels or international programs, be prepared to pay extra. PC satellite TV on the other hand charges you one-off probably one or two months worth of the subscription fees you are paying for the software. And you can watch satellite TV on PC connecting to thousands of stations worldwide. Of course there are bills to pay for broadband usage but anyway, you are already paying for unlimited broadband usage right?

This really is what drives people to watch satellite TV on PC. Keen on tapping on the software but don?t know how? Read my blog to find out more.

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