Wednesday, November 17, 2010

How To Watch Satellite TV For Free On PC

You can watch satellite tv for free on PC in recent years all thanks to advancements in technology. School going kids and the younger tech-savvy generation are downloading live streaming video of satellite TV channels like never before. We will learn why it is a great idea to watch satellite TV on PC or computer and explore two methods to watch satellite tv for free on PC. Why Is Everyone Switching To Watch Satellite TV On PC?

Just some years back, we could only watch satellite TV using our television sets and satellite dish setup. All of us know that the installation of a satellite TV dish system can be tedious and not everybody enjoys. Rather, most people try to avoid if they can. Satellite dishes can be gigantic monster fixtures as huge as a few meters and make our homes ugly and look like a TV station. If you watch satellite TV on PC, it does not require the installation of a satellite dish before you can watch satellite tv for free.

Ok, those who hate to set up satellite dish then go to the satellite TV service providers to install their proprietary satellite dish. They work better and are neater than those ugly DIY jumbo satellite dishes. And they are free if you sign up for a long term contract with these service providers for one or two years depending on their contract terms. But problem is you are tied to the contract and have to pay monthly subscriptions for the entire contract period. If you wish to terminate the contract, be prepared to cough up a tidy sum of payment. You can watch satellite tv for free on PC without being restricted to any contract because there is none at all. There are no monthly charges for watching satellite TV as well.

Two Methods To Watch Satellite TV For Free On PC

There are two popular methods to watch satellite tv for free on PC. One is using a PCTV card and the other using a PC satellite TV software.

PCTV Cards are TV capture cards that come in two types of installation. One is internal which must be installed inside your computer and the other is external which are break-out boxes (BoBs) that are attached to your PC using a USB port and cable. Internal PCTV cards are cheaper than external cards. But no matter which one you use, be prepared to fork out anything between $100 and $300 for a quality card from ATI TV, Plextor, Hauppauge, Pinnacle, IO Magic PC and other established brands.

PC satellite TV software is a hugely popular way to capture satellite TV on PC. Since it is a software application, it can be downloaded online and installed directly onto the computer without any external hardware. This PC application allows you to get more than 3000 free satellite TV channels from across the globe. The variety of programs range from LIVE sports, TV news, entertainment, documentaries, movies to kids channels. This software is a steal at $50.

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