Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Watch Satellite TV on PC In Minutes!

Watch satellite TV on PC in minutes? That sounds great. Technology is so advanced these days that it is possible to watch satellite TV online with your computer. You no longer need to rely on a TV or satellite dish system at all to watch satellite TV. Either you plug a PCTV card into your computer or install PC satellite TV software, both ways work well to let you watch satellite TV on PC.

There are a few simple benefits to switch to watch satellite TV on PC or online.

1. Watch Hundreds of Satellite TV Channels

You get to watch dozens of TV channels from stations all over the world. Well, you may not have the time to watch every program but still, the huge number of available satellite TV channels offers you many choices. Pick whichever TV channel you like.

2. Convenience to Watch Satellite TV on PC

Most people own a computer. Many are tech-savvy especially the young ones. Since you are surfing the net, why not make your PC double up as a TV as well? You can save the money on buying your kiddo a new TV for his or her room that way.

3. Get Satellite TV for Free

You can get satellite TV for free when you watch satellite TV on PC. Because your computer is receiving Free To Air TV broadcasts, it does not cost you a single cent to watch satellite TV online. Hope you are not so used to paying your monthly bills to the satellite TV vendors that you can ignore this freebie.

4. Satellite TV has Gone Digital

Digital satellite TV used to be a rarity. But now, the conversion is taking place quickly. As more stations switch to digital, the quality of your satellite TV programs would improve. One good thing about digital is that the bandwidth can condense more programs, meaning there would be more repeat broadcasts at different timings. You can watch your favorite TV show and never worry about missing an episode.

5. Fuss-free Installation

Setting up your computer into a PC satellite TV is not difficult. This is especially so if you are using PC satellite TV software to watch satellite TV on PC. If you have installed any CD driver or application, you would understand that installation takes only a few easy points and clicks.

PC satellite TV software generally costs less than $60 while PCTV cards at the stores can fall within the range of $100 to $300. One thing people complain when they watch satellite TV on PC is the size of the monitor screen. This is no fault of PC satellite TV but it can affect the viewing experience. You can always switch to a larger LCD monitor screen but it can cost you quite a fair bit. Another cheap method is to plug a video card with S-Video output that can be connected to your TV for viewing.

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