Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Watch Satellite TV on PC - How?

To watch satellite TV on PC or internet satellite TV is the future for TV viewers like us to watch our favorite shows. This is a bold statement but from the rising popularity of PC satellite TV in American homes, it could become a reality. So how do we set up our computer to watch satellite TV on PC? Right below, we will look at several things we need in order to set it right.

1. PCTV Card

Technology is advancing so rapidly that it is incredibly easy for you to watch satellite TV on PC or listen to radio through a PC. All you need is hardware known as a PCTV card. There are two types of PCTV cards. One is installed internally onto the motherboard, while the second type is an external gadget that needs to be plugged into your PC via a USB port.

These cards are designed to make sure of your PC?s architecture and infrastructure to decode the satellite TV signals upon reception. This then allows you to watch free-to-air digital TV and radio programs. There are even cards with built-in processor which creates a separate frame for you to watch satellite TV channel while you are running other programs simultaneously. No matter which you choose both are specifically designed to receive internet satellite TV. The requests for TV feeds are made through the phone line and data is received at 40MB per second via the satellite dish as the source.

2. PC Minimum Configuration

The following are the minimum specifications to watch satellite TV on PC:

a. Your PC processor should be at least a Pentium II 333 MHz.

b. Operating system should be Windows 98, ME, 2000 or XP.

c. USB Port

d. CD-ROM Drive

e. Quality Sound Card

f. Quality Graphics Card

Pentium II is obsolete by today?s standard as many software applications require higher processing speeds. So we presume almost every computer at home should qualify. In fact, the other peripherals such as sound and graphics card are less important for basic viewing. With the minimum requirements, you can watch satellite TV on PC in pretty sharp resolution and clarity.

But if you are a self-declared TV addict who sticks to the screen, then perhaps you may want to boost the viewing experience with hardware modifications. Buy a high-end Radeon or GeForce and ramp up the sound quality with the latest version of Sound Blaster.

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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

How To Record Satellite-TV And DVB Cards-Minidv Cameras-Video Capture Cards-Web Cams On PC

The article shows you how to watch and record video from any windows video capture device like satellite, TV and DVB cards, miniDV cameras, video capture cards, web cams including ones with hardware MPEG 2 encoder. The recording process is easy to handle. The detailed steps are as follow:

1. Connect your capture device to you PC and install the capture device driver. You'd better read the manual that comes with your capture device to see how to connect with PC in order to avoid any damage and installation problems.

2. Download AVS TV Box, run it.

3. Before you can start watching the channels, you need to configure them. Now, please press the Configure button on the main controls panel or select the Settings... option in the Express menu to activate the Configure window.

3. Select the Device Params tab of the Configure window to set device parameters. The availability of the settings depends on the type of the device. Take TV tuner for example, you need to select the Country of the broadcast, TV Source (Antenna or Cable), Video input, Video standard depending on the country and broadcast standard, Audio device and Audio input that will serve as a sound source.

4. Select the Channels tab of the Configure window. Click the Add Channel button to add the cameras to the channels list or Scan for TV or Digital TV tuners to search for the existing channels. Press the Add to Favorites button to add the favourite channels to the favorite list so that it could be displayed in the Favorite window and you could easily switch to it.

5. Select the Paths tab of the Configure window to set the recordings and snapshots paths.

6. Select the Record tab of the Configure window to set the video and audio parameters of the files that you will capture your video with.

7. If you want to set the parameters of the colors of the displayed video image, select the Colors tab to set.

8. After all settings are completed, click the OK button to accept all the changes and close the configuration window. Then you can start recording the video by clicking the Record button on the main controls panel, take snapshots, and watch TV shows on PC.

Download AVS TV Box from http://www.soft29.com/misc_multimedia/avs_tv_box.html

Learn more, see http://www.soft29.com/how-to/record_tv_shows_on_computer.htm

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Saturday, March 7, 2009

TV on PC Software - How to Watch TV on Your Computer for Free

You can watch TV anywhere nowadays, so why not on your computer or laptop? Installing a TV tuner card is easy and a very sensible alternative to buying an expensive TV set. An even easier way to watch TV on your pc is to install TV on pc software.

What you need in order to be able to watch TV on your computer

You need either a TV tuner card or TV on pc software.

1. TV Tuner Cards: Some TV tuners support both NTSC and ATSC and also work quite well with Media Center and other PC DVR applications. Some popular brands include Hauppauge, Diamond and ATI.

2. Pc on TV software or a pc to TV converter: Some pc to TV converters do not need software and are totally independent of your computer so you don't even need to power on your computer. Just connect it to your monitor to start watching TV using your pc monitor. With pc on TV software, there is no need for a TV card and other hardware because all the channels are streamed through your internet connection.

Installing a TV Tuner Card

This may involve opening up your pc and inserting the tuner card in one of the available PCI slots. After installing your pc tuner card, you may need a cable provider in order to be able to access cable TV channels. The other option is to use TV on pc software.

Using TV on Pc Software to watch TV on your computer

With TV to PC software, you do not need to install a TV tuner card. In fact you do not need any additional hardware. All you need is a fairly good pc and software like windows media on your pc. If you're not confident with installing a TV tuner card, using TV on pc software is an excellent option.

TV on pc software has become very popular. The main advantage of using this type of software to watch TV is that you can get access to many different satellite TV channels for free. You?ll be able to access TV channels in many different languages and from many different countries in addition to your local channels.

Click Here to download software that will give you instant access to thousands of satellite TV channels for free and visit the Satellite TV Providers Guide for information about Cable and Satellite TV Providers. Copyright ? 2007 Bridget Mwape.

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